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Hi, I'm Alessandro Molinaro, a system and UX architect, passionate of interaction designer and I'm NNg Master certified.

Image: Juicy Salif by Philippe Starck (Illustration)
a flat illustration of how to use the Juicy Salif lemon squeezer by Philippe Starck


My job is to create memorable experiences and user-centred solutions that benefit the business.

I strongly believe in an approach that places the user at the core of the design process. My core skills are strategy, system design, conceptualization and problem solving.

Currently I'm head of design and I'm managing 2 teams of very talented people, Design (product) and Communication (marketing). Our goal is helping the company in re-shaping the concept of online retail for the automotive industry for both customers and the people working in the industry.

My purpose is to create the conditions for my teams to improve a bit more everyday, often by helping them to find the right question to answer.

I am trying to push anyone in the company to embrace user experience, usability and accessibility in every part of the process.

Sometimes it works.

My Curriculum Vitae
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Word version (Docx, styled) [48.5kb - higher information density]
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NNg UX Master Certificate

Interaction Design Specialty achieved on April 5, 2019.

UX Research Specialty achieved on April 3, 2019

Master certificate achieved on April 5, 2019.

UX Management Specialty achieved on November 17, 2019.

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What I've done and what I do

UX Strategy

Planning how to deliver the experience.

UX Research

Interviews, field research, shadowing etc...

UX Design

Translating researches in ideas.

Interaction Design

Design based on user's behaviour and expectations.


Synthesizing and imagining things as they could be.

Usability testing

Guerrilla, in lab or remote.

Product design

From concept to delivery.

Leading UX team

It's about coaching and making ideas flow.


Make the whole company part of the design process.


Passing what I learnt so far (and learning in return).


I've never found someone who wasn't somehow able to teach me something.

What I enjoy the most is to work on strategy, concepts and solving problems.
Design is a beautiful, complex, delicate thing.

User Experience design

is the discipline that take care of everything a person experience when interacting with a product or a service.

This means that it's not just about the interface, but include every aspect of the life of the user with the product. The product should improve and/or enrich the life of the user. And of the business of course.

Good design is holistic,

it should take in consideration a wide range of parts that have to work together such us cognition, emotion, action, motivation and perception and aesthetic.

To touch all those points we should always start with understanding the users we are designing for, what the real needs, painpoints motivations are, and what is their view of the world.

The best starting point is research,

especially observing, speaking and emphatise with people to deeply understand their motivations, and their rewards. Combine those data with analytics, internal insight and every other source of information. the more we know, the better.

Then the usual stuff, design, test, build test and start again. We are iterative people after all.

Last but not least it's a discipline that works better in team, that's why I'm a big fan of team-working.

"Designers should be involved, to some degree, in almost every part of the process."

When I'm not wearing the designer's hat

I'm enthusiast about a lot of stuff like art, photography in most of its forms ( I love to build "monster cameras" ), I'm leaarning how to properly play a bass guitar (and I'm studing how to build one), carbonara...

This is my playground, and sometimes it get broken. I fix it.

This is my playground, were I play with code and I test solutions just for fun. It's still in alpha version and it's likely to stay permanently as such. I decided to make the process public and visible, with placeholders and fake content when needed.

Some part are on invite only for the time being, they are a kind of a diary of projects, when the time will come, I'll open everything.

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