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I'm Alessandro an interaction designer (HMI/HCI) currently working in UK.

This website is my playground, I use it to test solutions. It's not intended to be optimized at this stage.

Interaction design a beautiful iterative process of research and craftsmanship, and you can't never stop studying.

What's new in this version

  • Little logo restyling
  • Better animation
  • New menu (version 2) with improved navigation
  • Improved responsiveness
  • New portfolio page layout

Of course I'm still working on all this stuff, so forgive me some bugs and inconcistency, I'll fix all.

Latest post on the blog:

"Speak first, code later"

Human Centred Design is the best approach possible (at this very moment) to create new products, no matters if you’re designing an app, a rangefinder camera or an office. The principle of designing....

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What I do

Cosa faccio





Design Thinking

Pensiero Progettuale

UX, UI, visual, IA, System design and so on are all part of the same thing. They explore and shape the interaction between Human and Machines, no matter if they are applied on objects or digital interfaces.

There are of course best practices related to a non-digital (HMI) and a digital (HCI) object. Anyway, they share a big, huge point: The "H", the Human. That's why we should design to make life easier for humans, not for machines.

It sounds tautologic, but in the everyday work it is the most challenging part of the game.

The Process

Come funziona

The process is fluid, it could be started - and re-started - at any point, it runs alongside the development, it's linked with it, and it's not the "perfect recipe" should be adapted to the situations, the product, the desired outcome (also the output, of course, but from the design point of view, outcome is more important).







User testing



Qualche esempio

These are few samples of what I've done, I'll add more in the near future, unfortunately many works cannot be uploaded. They are randomly sorted.